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The Truth About Self Defense

Module 1. Security On The Go!


We may not like to think about this, but it’s true — wherever we go, we’re surrounded by people and situations that can harm us. Car accidents, muggings, carjacking, robberies, and rape. We’re vulnerable to an attack in so many places, such as parking lots, restaurants, offices, hotels, and on road. And even in the one place where we feel most safe — at home.
Clearly, we must be concerned with our personal safety wherever we are. Consider these facts:
• 50 percent of all attacks take place within 1 mile of the victim’s home.
• 75 percent take place within 5 miles of home.
• 25 percent of rapes occur in a public area or parking garage.
The Security On The Go module gives you proven attack prevention techniques to protect yourself when you’re out and about, as well as at home:
• Walking, jogging, and biking
• Vehicle attacks
• How to prevent carjacking
• Safety in parking lots
• ATM safety
• Hotels and restaurants
• Staying safe at home


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