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The Truth About Self Defense

Module 2. Campus Prep

Watching your children leave home can be terrifying. Sure, you feel excited as your child goes off to college or sets up an apartment. But you also know that the world is full of predators, ready to take advantage of the unsuspecting or the unprepared.
Here are the hard facts:
About 25 percent of college age women will have experienced an attempted or completed rape.
• Three percent of college women report that they’ve been stalked — in almost half the cases by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.
More than half — 51 percent — of college males admit to perpetrating one or more sexual assault incidents during college.
You don’t expect your kids to live isolated, fearful lives. You know they’ll want to enjoy parties and clubs, spring break trips, and other social activities. So you need them to be prepared to act responsibly and avoid dangerous situations. Young women especially need to know that being in a relationship does not mean they won’t be abused or assaulted. Approximately 1/3 of students have experienced dating violence, and up to half of these victims remain in physically abusive relationships. Twelve percent of completed rapes, 35 percent of attempted rapes, and 22 percent of threatened rapes occur on a date. Among rape victims between the ages of 18 and 29, two-thirds had a previous relationship with the rapist.
What can parents do? You can protect your children by giving them an understanding of the threats they face, and how to prevent these threats from becoming real through our Attack Prevention and women's self defense training.

The Campus Security and Social Settings module gives your kids the tools they need to stay safe:
• The basics of campus security
• Living on and off campus
• Security in social settings
• Date rape
• The rapist you already know
10 warning signs of a potentially dangerous relationship