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The Truth About Self Defense

Module 3. Attack Prevention and Women's Self Defense

“Hey, be careful out there”!
How often have you heard that phrase? But what does "be careful" really mean? What are you supposed to be careful of? And how should you be careful?
Those are good questions, and we have the answers. The Attack Prevention module shows you how to identify people and situations that could be dangerous, and how to react when faced with a threat. You’ll discover how to recognize the type of environment you’re in, clues that it could be changing for the worse, and actions to take to get to a safer place. You’ll be able to tell the difference between good guys, guys who just are acting stupid, absolute bad guys and how to respond effectively to each.
You’ll walk away from this module with practical skills you can use immediately:
• How to perfect the awareness and intuition you already have
• How to identify dangerous people, environments, and situations
• The different types of attackers and how victims are selected
• The mechanics of an assault — victim selection, the “interview” and timing of the attack
• Verbal skills to de-escalate a potentially violent confrontation
• Understanding the adrenaline effect and how it can help you fight off an attacker
Don’t be afraid, be aware. With the vital knowledge you’ll gain in the Attack Prevention and women's self defense course, you’ll be constantly tuned in to your environment, fully mindful of your own instincts, and ready to react effectively.

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