Online Women's safety security Self-Defense Seminars training classes

The Truth About Self Defense

Online Self Defense and Attack Prevention Training


All Three Modules of Training for only $79   $49.95

Take all three training modules online when it's convenient for you!

This is "must have" education for any woman of any age. This interactive/ on line women's self defense course is designed for those living away from home, in college (or high school), in relationships, those that travel or those that simply just want to feel safer no matter where they are. High impact and fast moving, this attack prevention and women's online self defense course will have you looking at every aspect of your environment in a new way.

This online self defense course tells the hard truth about Attack Prevention for women.

Module 1. Security On The Go

  • Walking/ Jogging/ Biking
  • In and Around Your Vehicle
  • Carjack/ Kidnap Prevention
  • Parking lots- entering/ exiting vehicles
  • At Home
  • Hotels

Module 2. Campus Security/ and Social Settings

  • Campus Security Basics
  • On/ Off Campus Living
  • Security in Social Settings
  • Date Rape
  • Relationship Safety

Module 3. Attack Prevention

  • Awareness/ Intuition
  • The Attack Phase
  • Dangerous Situations
  • Color Codes
  • Verbal Skills
  • Body Language
  • Types of Attackers
  • Run Away of Fight


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