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Actual comments from some of our Self Defense and Attack Prevention seminars


-- The instruction on what to do in all situations, being aware of my surroundings and how to stay safe-  scored perfect!  - A.P.

-- Hands on Practice (Reflex Attack Techniques) (RAT) scored a perfect 10! -  Shane P.

-- The pressure point techniques were very enlightening".-  S. Morris

-- The hands on was exceptional!!  It gave me an opportunity to react and respond as I hopefully would in a real life situation, so that survival is possible. 

-- This was a wonderful opportunity and thought I might be somewhat  intimidated to try the techniques, but the teaching approach and environment were perfect and comfortable!- K.W.

-- Learning how to control the attack.  Realizing I can now follow thru when I need to survive (an attack) and  stay alive.-  L. Johnson

-- Hands on practice of RAT (Reflex Attack Techniques) was outstanding. Great class full of very useful information.  Would love to take a more intensive class.-  C.R.

-- The overall hitting (RAT) instruction was extremely useful.  The techniques are easy enough to remember. Awareness education was a highlight.-  L. Anderson

-- I thought everything was great! Very interesting and informative. The “hands on” against the attacker was   very good!! -  Reed E.

-- I loved Every Part! Wonderful! …wish we could have stayed longer.-  Laura 

-- The Self Defense moves (RAT Techniques) were new and effective.  Needs to be taught to all women.-  CAL

-- I learned how to stand (when approached by someone) and use verbal skills to respond.-  M. Hannah

-- Please teach this to our high school/ college girls.-  Bobbi B.

-- Beating the “Bad Guy” up.  Very useful, I showed my mom I can handle myself.  We need more workshops and   teach all high school students.- Danielle B.